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Love Doll Materials&Hair

Love Dolls are typically made from a variety of materials to achieve a lifelike and enjoyable experience


Silicone is a popular material used for sex dolls due to its realistic texture and softness. It closely mimics the feel of human skin and provides a more authentic experience during intimate moments.


TPE is another common material choice for sex dolls. It is known for its flexibility and elasticity, making the doll more posable and adaptable to different positions.


love doll wigs offer various options for customization, such as different hair colors, lengths, and styles. Users can easily change the doll's hairstyle by switching out the wig, allowing for a versatile and personalized experience.

Implant Hair

The implant hair is usually made from high-quality synthetic materials or, in some premium models, real human hair. Skilled artisans carefully insert individual hair strands into the doll's scalp, mimicking the natural hair growth pattern.

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What are the Customization Options Available for Sex Dolls?

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